SafeTreker Sports

Special Sports and Activities Coverage

The list below tells you which sports we cover and the sport level required.

  • BASIC This is the default SafeTreker level. It covers a very wide range of sports and activities.
  • SPORT This level covers higher risk sports for an extra charge. It includes all sports listed under Basic.
  • EXTREME Feeling risky? This level is for even higher risk sports and includes those covered under Basic & Sport.
  • EXTREME  For the highest risk sports. It includes those covered under Basic, Sport & Extreme.

Some sports such as Scuba and Skiing have various different types and levels e.g, Skiing - Ski Mountaineering which is a higher level than ordinary skiing. Make sure you scroll to the correct level.

Snowboarders, please search under skiing for variations or by keyword, e.g, "Slopestyle." Anything that is covered for skiing is also covered for snowboarding at the same sport level. We know you hate being lumped in with skiers but we have to save space somehow. Respect!

Please select all the sports you need to insure.

If your sports doesn't appear, check the list below, we may be able to help you.

Sports List