Coverage fit for Any Destination

No matter where your next trip takes you, Trawick always has your back with travel insurance tailored to the size of your ambition.


Dedicated 24/7 Emergency Helpline

Never feel alone no matter how far you are from home with an always available emergency helpline.


Trip Flexibility & Policy Extension

Go wherever your travels take you with flexible plans and adaptable policy extensions.


Affordable Plans for All Budgets

Trip insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. Stay protected and stay on budget with custom coverage options.


Around the Clock Customer Support

At Trawick we make the customer journey a trip worth taking with multilingual dedicated service support.


Comprehensive Protection & Coverage

Get everything you’ll need for everywhere you’ll go with the most complete insurance for travel on the market.


Innovative and Personalized Policies

Our personalized approach to policymaking ensures you’ll always have the protection to thrive in any destination.

Comprehensive Coverage. Competitive Rates.

The world seems smaller than ever before, but your ambitions aren’t. At Trawick, we provide insurance to make every dream adventure a reality. Trawick offers customized insurance that covers the incredible.

Our Safe Travels Armor, Safe Travels Defend, and Safe Travel Protect travel offerings include:

  • Primary Medical - pays a medical claim first, even if you have other medical insurance
  • Comprehensive Coverage - Pre- and post-departure, including trip cancellation, interruption, and delay 
  • Optional CFAR* (Cancel for Any Reason) coverage (Safe Travels Armor only)
  • Optional Pre-existing coverage** (Safe Travels Armor & Safe Travels Defend)
  • All plans are eligible to U.S. residents up to age 85 and traveling up to 90 days in duration

* CFAR  Must be purchased with initial policy and within 14 days of the initial trip deposit or payment date, and the full, non-refundable trip cost is insured. **Coverage must be purchased within 7 days of initial trip deposit or payment date for Safe Travels Defend, or  within 14 days of initial trip deposit or payment date for Safe Travels Armor for full non-refundable trip costs.

These are only brief descriptions of policy benefits that may vary by state. Policies provide all terms, conditions, and exclusions.