In one word: YES. Let us break it down for you why travel insurance is not only necessary, but essential for your upcoming trip.

Travel insurance can provide you with medical coverage if you get injured or sick, and it can also reimburse you if your expensive camera, tablet, smartphone, etc. is broken or stolen. If you need to return home, if a family member becomes sick or injured or if your flight is cancelled, travel insurance can and will save the day.

The deal with travel insurance is, most people don’t know how inexpensive it can be to get a broad range of coverage. It can cost as little as a few dollars per day.

Nobody PLANS for something bad to happen, but yet we have insurance for a lot of other things in our lives such as car insurance and home insurance. Insurance is there to protect you when something does go wrong and without it, you are susceptible to a lot of unnecessary risks.

So, I know what you’re thinking, you’ve been on dozens of trips without travel insurance and you have been completely fine. Well think about it this way, how many times do you get in your car and travel without an accident? More times than not, right? So the one time you DO have an accident, and you have insurance, would be worth the cost of the insurance the entire time, right? A totaled car can cost A LOT of money, and medical bills in a foreign country can triple that of a totaled car.

Not only can it give you a little peace of mind while on your trip, but Trawick International can also guide you to a good physician, help assist with your emergency return to your home country, cover your lost and/or stolen items and cover your cancelled flights or pay for your hospital bills. 

Our “Get a Quote” feature on our website is very easy to use and understand, and out customer service team is always only one phone call away to answer any questions you may have or help you pick out the best plan for your trip.

If you are going on a trip soon, we highly recommended looking into purchasing a travel insurance plan. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Travel with Trawick and you will Travel Safe and Travel Smart.

This update is provided by travel insurance provider Trawick International. Some of our travel insurance plans include international and domestic inbound and outbound travel insurance, missionary travel insurance, trip protection and cancellation, visitor insurance, and Schengen Visa plans. Call 877-233-4591 for more information.