Whether your claim is for medical treatment, a canceled trip, trip delay, or lost baggage, Trawick International is here to help.

How to File a Claim

We offer a few ways to file a claim. 

1) ONLINE submission - the fastest and easiest way is to use our secure online claim submission portal to file your claim.  To begin you need your number from your ID card or confirmation email.  Any correspondence from us about your claim will be sent to the email address on file.  

2) Email or Mail a Claim Form - A claim that is filled on the wrong form or mailed to the wrong address will delay or prevent processing so be careful to choose the correct documents.  To get the correct form just look for your insurance carrier name and then the plan name.  The PDF claim forms listed by the kind of claim you want to make.  In some cases, you may need more than one form to file for reimbursement. When filing using the forms make sure to fill it out completely and include copies of your documents and receipts. (Make sure to keep copies of the claim and documentation for your reference.)  

Scroll or jump to the section you need to find the correct forms and information to submit your claim or use these links to file the claim online.  

Trip Cancellation Plans (Nationwide) SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM ONLINE

Travel Medical (Crum and Forster SPC) **NEW! SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM ONLINE!**

Vacation Ownership / Travel Club /Customized / Rental/Flex (US Fire Insurance) SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM ONLINE

Claim Forms

Trip Cancellation Plans

Insurance Carrier: Nationwide

Plan Names: Safe Travels (Explorer, Explorer Plus, Journey, Voyager, Single Trip, First Class, Annual, Outbound, Outbound Cost Saver); SafeTreker; Alumni; Nativity Pilgrimage; Supera; Signet: Holiday Vacations

For faster service - Upload your claim and related documents to CBP Connect for online claim submission!

Claim Forms

Email or mail the claim form and all necessary documents as listed on the form to:


Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC On Behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies
P.O. Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623

For claim status or assistance filing a claim please contact the number on your ID Card or use CBP Connect.

Travel Medical 

Insurance Carrier: Crum and Forster SPC

Plan Names: Safe Travels (Elite, USA, USA Cost Saver, USA Comprehensive, International, International Cost Saver, USPHL) or Passport Explorer

If your Certificate # is #1775244 or higher (purchased December 1, 2022, or later) you can submit your claim online.   Submit claim

If your Certificate # is 1775243 or lower, you must use a claim form to file your claim.

TIP: You can locate your certificate number on the email confirmation you received and/or your visa letter.

Claim Forms

Email or mail the claim form and all necessary documents as listed on the form to:


Co-ordinated Benefit Plans LLC on Behalf of Crum and Forster SPC
PO Box 2069
Fairhope AL 36533

For claim status or assistance filing a claim, please contact 866-696-0409 or 251-928-0939

Vacation Ownership / Travel Club / Rental /Flex /Customized Plan as listed 

Insurance Carrier: US Fire Insurance

If the name of your plan is:

  • Safe Travels Assure, Safe Travels Leisure, Safe Travels Rental Plus, Safe Travels Flex
  • Dues Guard Leisure, Dues Guard Use Year
  • Vacation Assure or Vacation Assure Choice
  • Global Connections

Upload your claim and related documents to CBPConnect for online claim submission

Email: VacationClaims@cbpinsure.com

Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC On Behalf of United States Fire Insurance Company
P.O. Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623

For claim status, assistance filing or obtaining a claim form, please contact: 877-390-8532 or check online at CBPConnect.com


Plan name: Collegiate Care Essential / Enhanced / Elite / Exclusive
Insurance carrier: Axis

Use the following claim form:

Student Claim Form

Email: eclaims@gbg.com

Mail the claim form and all necessary documents to the address below.

GBG Administrative Services
26741 Portola Parkway Suite 1E #527
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

For claim status or assistance filing a claim please contact: 888-914-5333|786-814-4125


When filing a claim please note: as agreed in the online application process, you will receive insurance-related documents and communications, including but not limited to, policy documents, disclosures, notices, explanation of benefits (EOB), claims documentation, as well as termination and cancellation or non-renewal notices, electronically, instead of receiving these records in a paper format from us.  These are sent to the email address you provided to us during the online application process.