Experience + Travel = The Perfect Gift

The idea of experiential gifting has gained popularity recently, with many people wanting to share experiences over material things. Add travel to that experience, and now you have not only given the recipient a chance to make memories that last a lifetime but have also officially won the title of top-gift-giver in your circle! 

Travel Gifts for Everyone on Your List 

Be prepared for gleeful, ear-piercing screams when the kiddos or Disney fanatics on your list open a gift of Disney Cruise Line® cruise tickets! They will be ready to set sail to Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, before you can say Mickey Mouse. 

There will be high fives, fist pumps, and hugs all around when the music lover that tops your nice list opens the envelope to find a pair of concert tickets for their favorite band or bucket-list music festival. Just wait until they see those plane tickets to go with it! 

Expect a toast in your honor when the wine lover in your life sees the wine country tour on which you are sending them. It’s hard to beat the intoxicating (pun intended) smells, sights, and tastes of Napa Valley during crush – maybe they’ll even bring you back a bottle or two! 

Rad snowboarder in your life? Plane tickets and lift passes are a no-brainer. If they don’t want to travel with their gear, you can call the resort and rent ahead of time, so it’s waiting for them when they get there. Just be sure you know which resorts are better for snowboarding, as ski and snowboard runs can be vastly different. 

Maybe your stressed-out best friend has been dreaming of a yoga retreat away from it all to recharge. Make it a week-long yoga retreat in Hawaii or Costa Rica, and you may witness their stress melting away right before your eyes.  

The Finishing Touch: Travel Insurance 

Now that you have purchased the perfect travel experience for your loved one, you’re ready to wrap it up and tie a bow on top. But before you do, consider adding a travel insurance plan as the finishing touch. A little-known but useful feature of travel insurance is that, unlike other insurance, you can purchase it for someone else. 

Giving travel insurance gives the traveler security in knowing that if something unforeseen happens and the trip is canceled, delayed, or interrupted, it is not a total loss. In addition to prepaid, nonrefundable airfare, even the concert tickets, wine tour, and rented snowboarding gear can be covered if purchased before the trip is taken. A trusted travel insurance provider like Trawick International can help you determine which plan is right for the trip you are gifting. 

When you are ready to purchase the plan, you need to have basic information about the traveler to put their name on the policy. This will allow the gift recipient to make a claim and be reimbursed instead of you, the gift giver. One thing to keep in mind, if a claim is made, the traveler will need to provide proof of payment for trip costs. Be sure to hold onto your receipts or share them with the recipient. 

Whatever you decide, a gift of travel is bound to be the highlight of the season for the recipient. We know we’d love to be on any list that involves being gifted travel! 

Happy gifting!

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