Researching destinations on Google is one of the first things prospective travelers will do before booking their trip. Perhaps realizing this, the tech giant unveiled a new travel-related app earlier this week appropriately called Trips, described as “a personalized tour guide in your pocket.”

Trips is a traveler’s dream come true, especially for those traveling to a certain destination for the first time. The app provides in-depth city guides, curated tips from experts, and recommendations that are tailored to your Google activity. These recommendations can include eateries, sights, and activities that Google—using its robust algorithms and predictive technology—thinks you might prefer.

Using a fusion of its massive knowledge and what it already knows about you, Google’s travel app can provide one of the most customized travel guide experiences capable of functioning as a personal tour guide of sorts than one that simply provides generic travel information. In fact, the app includes an option to automatically build an itinerary for half the day or the entire day. Just like with Google Maps, you’ll be able to see operating hours and reviews of a business or attraction.

If you’re concerned about your data usage or won’t have access to a mobile phone abroad, Trips will let you download your guide for offline use, highly convenient if you’re somewhere where you’re unsure whether Wi-Fi or cellular data will be available.

Google Trips is available for iOS and Android devices.

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