Traveling with Your Pet for the Holidays

As important members of the household, the holiday season is probably one of those times when you really don’t want to leave your beloved four-legged friend at home. If your impending travel plans include bringing them along, you can make things easier for them, yourself, and your fellow travelers by simply being responsible.

Make sure to feed your pet at least an hour prior to leaving, and only feed them a small portion. This step will ensure that their food has digested and will reduce the odds of motion sickness. Giving them a walk is also a good idea so that by the time you’re ready to depart, he or she will be sufficiently tired and relaxed, perhaps even falling asleep.

If you’re unfamiliar with the country you’ll be traveling to, consider checking out the website, which provides information on pet-friendly accommodations across 100+ countries. There is also a useful iOS app available that includes not only accommodations but also attractions and pet-friendly restaurants.

Remember that traveling with your pet means having to follow any FAA guidelines as well as those that may be unique to the airline you’ll be flying with. Additional fees may be required and there may be restrictions on the size and breeds allowed to travel in the cabin or in the cargo area. Do your homework before booking a flight so that you don’t run into any surprises.

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