Tailgate Protection

Make Sure You Protect Your Event Experience with Tailgate Protection

It’s getting closer to that time of the year again, where you and your friends and family members come together and get ready for the big game. That’s right, college football and professional football are just days away from starting.  Whether you are a die-hard fan or just a casual fan, we can all agree one of the best parts of the game day experience is the tailgate party!  With the COVID-19 pandemic upending our daily lives in 2020, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy things now that we know concerts and sporting events are coming back in a big way this year!

What is exactly a Tailgate Party?

If you are not familiar with what a tailgate party is, let us explain it.  Merriam-Webster defines it as a social gathering in which food and drinks are served at or near the back end of a parked vehicle that usually occurs in a parking lot before or after a public event (such as a football game or concert).  Some tailgate parties are known to get much more elaborate than just food and drink by a parked vehicle. Some tailgate parties have tents, tables, chairs, a professional cook, a bar with a bartender, and a D.J.  These parties can occur in offsite locations within walking distance to the event, in the stadium’s parking lot.

Why do you need Tailgate Protection?

All across the country, friends and families will gather together to celebrate at an event of their choosing.  For the first time, they don’t have to worry if something unforeseen happens and ruins their experience.  Trawick International’s Tailgate Protection will cover many of the prepaid non-refundable expenses of their tailgate party.

Our Tailgate Protection plan is designed to cover unforeseen events that could occur before or during your tailgating experiences.  Such as sickness or injuries, an accident on the way to the event, your flight is canceled on the way to your tailgate, the event you are attending is delayed due to weather and rescheduled to a date when you are not scheduled to be at the location. 

What does Tailgate Protection cover?

Here are the eligible prepaid expenses Tailgate Protection may cover are:

  • Event tickets

  • Your airfare if you flew to the tailgate

  • Car rental if you rented a car for the tailgate

  • Cost of your lodging

  • The prepaid catering for the tailgate

  • Medical expenses if you become sick or injured during your tailgate experience

  • Your rental for tent and chairs

Isn’t this great.  Most of your prepaid expenses for your tailgate party can be protected by our plan.  With what is going on globally, we all want to get together with our friends and family and experience a great get-together before that big game or concert.  Contact us today to insure your tailgate experience, so your biggest worry is what to wear to the event!


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