Tips for First Time Holiday Travelers

Tuesday marks the beginning of the holiday rush as travelers pack the airports to reach their destination in time for the holidays, and it will only get busier on Wednesday as the holiday rush shifts into top gear. Thankfully, there are no weather problems on the horizon that will make matters worse, but if you’ve never flown away for the holidays, be prepared to wait. With over 25 million passengers expected to fly the friendly skies between November 18 through the 29th, patience is key.

The key to flying at least relatively stress-free is to allow yourself more time than you think you might need and take steps to plan ahead. Terminals will be packed, and if you didn’t sign up for TSA Precheck, those security lines will take a while to get through. In fact, it may take a while just to get into the airport because of the thousands of holiday travelers.

Speaking of weather, while it’s mostly cooperating, there are possibilities of snow and icy weather in Denver, Colorado. There is also a possibility of a winter-like storm forecasted to affect the upper Midwest area. and Minneapolis may also receive ice and snow. Remember that flights can be delayed or even canceled because of poor/dangerous weather conditions. Stay positive but do be prepared for sudden changes in your travel plans.

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