Traveling with a Senior Citizen

If you’re responsible for taking care of a senior citizen, you don’t necessarily need to put your summer travel plans on hold to take care of them. As a caregiver, making a couple of small adjustments to your travel plans and doing a little bit of extra planning can result in an enjoyable experience for you and the person you’re responsible for.

Before heading off to your destination, make sure that you have a list of the person’s medications and the schedule, including those that may need to be taken only when necessary. Also make sure that you have the proper refrigeration and storage should it be required.

Proper nutrition is essential, especially during the summer when the temperatures can become much hotter. Make sure to bring along the person’s favorite snacks and food and plenty of fluids to ensure they remain hydrated.

For clothing you may wish to stick with items that are comfortable, loose fitting and can be easily washed. Sweaters, jackets, and comfy shoes are also essential. If the person you’re traveling with has trouble with their memory, make sure they always have identification on them.

To avoid the possibility of a blood clot, encourage the person to wiggle their feet and legs during long plane rides. Bringing along walkers may also be an option. Books, playing cards, music, or other activities are also good to reduce restlessness and keep the person’s mind stimulated.

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