Philippines Travel Insurance

Is the Philippines open to travelers?

Yes, the Philippines is open to foreign travelers. Fully vaccinated foreign nationals from visa-free countries are allowed to enter. 

What documents are required to enter the Philippines? 

- Valid proof of full vaccination status 
- Negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours of departure 
- Return flight tickets to origin or next destination 
- Travel insurance for full duration of stay in the Philippines 

See for full list of requirements and acceptable forms of vaccination status proof. 

Is travel insurance required to enter the Philippines? 

Yes, the Philippines requires proof of travel insurance for the following travelers: 

- Foreign nationals eligible to enter the Philippines without a visa (including United States citizens) 
- Holders of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 
- Foreign nationals entering through 9(a) visa 
- APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders 
- Chinese nationals with valid AJACS 
- Indian nationals with valid AJACSSUK visas 

What are the travel insurance requirements to enter the Philippines? 

To enter the Philippines, travelers must present proof of travel medical insurance with COVID-19 cover and a minimum of $35,000 medical coverage. Trawick International has several plans that comply with these guidelines: 

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plans 
Comprehensive plans include both travel medical and trip cancellation coverage, along with many other essential coverages for travel. 

Trawick International Safe Travels Explorer, Explorer Plus, Journey, Voyager, and First Class Trip Protection plans include: 

- Minimum of $50,000 for emergency travel medical insurance 
- COVID-19 medical expenses covered and treated the same as any other sickness 
- Trip cancellation 
- Cancel for Any Reason available on some plans 
- Trip interruption 
- Travel delay and quarantine 

Learn more about these plans and get a quote now. 

Travel Medical Insurance Plans 

Travel medical plans provide coverage for accident and sickness while traveling. These plans do not include coverage for trip cancellation. 

- Minimum of $50,000 for Accident Medical Expense 
- COVID-19 medical expenses covered and treated the same as any other sickness 
- Trip interruption 
- Travel delay and quarantine 
- Emergency medical evacuation

Safe Travels Outbound plans are available for US Citizens/US Residents while traveling to other countries and for foreign nationals who are visiting other countries but NOT traveling to the USA. 

Safe Travels Outbound International plans are for non-US citizens who are traveling outside their home country (not available for travel in, from, or to the US). 

Is the mandatory COVID test to re-enter the United States covered? 

All travelers flying into the United States will need to show a negative COVID-19 test taken within one day of the flight’s departure to the US before boarding. The cost of this mandatory test is not a covered benefit under any of our travel insurance plans. If someone doesn’t receive the test results in time, this would not be a covered travel delay/trip interruption benefit. In the event someone has a positive test, there could be coverage for travel delays for additional accommodations due to quarantine. 

Who should be insured? 

All travelers, regardless of age, should be named on the travel insurance policy. 

When do I need to buy travel insurance? 

It depends on the plan. Comprehensive travel insurance must be purchased at least one day prior to your departure date. Travel medical plans can be purchased anytime — before or even during your trip — but will take effect the following day. 

To maximize your benefits, you should insure your trip within 21 days of the initial trip deposit date, and include all prepaid, non-refundable trip costs. This ensures eligibility for time-sensitive benefits, such as Cancel For Any Reason or Financial Default. 

Will I receive something confirming my coverage after purchasing online or over the phone? 

Yes. Upon purchase, you will receive a summary of coverage showing the travel medical and COVID-19 coverage requirements are met so you can travel to the Philippines. If you do not receive this email within an hour after purchase, please contact us for assistance. You will need to show your documentation upon arrival in the Philippines. 

How much does travel insurance cost? 

Travel insurance cost is based on your age, cost of the trip, length of trip, and other factors. When purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance plan with trip cancellation, like Safe Travels Voyager, you should include all non-refundable travel expenses so you can recover your investment in the event your trip is canceled or interrupted. 

Once I have my travel insurance, what’s next? 

Bring your travel insurance certificate and other required travel documents with you when you head to the airport. You will also need to register at at least three days prior to departure. 

Get a quote and buy travel insurance for your trip to the Philippines.

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