January 30, 2024 - Israel Travel Insurance is available via Safe Travels Flex and Safe Travels Rental Plus trip cancellation plans. Get a Quote

Is travel insurance required to enter Israel? 

As of May 2023, travel insurance is no longer required to enter Israel. All you need is your valid passport. If you plan to stay more than 90 days, a travel visa is necessary. Latest guidelines

Why should you buy travel insurance to visit Israel?

Trip cancellation insurance covers you and your investment in your trip to Israel. If you must cancel your trip before it even starts, you can be refunded for your insured, nonrefundable trip costs. Or, if something unforeseen happens while you are traveling, trip cancellation plans provide coverage for travel delay, trip interruption, emergency medical, and more. For a fraction of your trip cost, you can add extra protection that can be vital in an emergency. Two Trawick International trip cancellation plans offer coverage for travel to Israel:

Safe Travels Flex

  • Our most personalized option
  • Includes the two most popular coverages - Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption - then lets you design the rest based on travel needs and budget
  • Add options like Baggage Delay, Emergency Medical, and more

Safe Travels Rental Plus 

  • Not just for vacation rentals
  • Trip cancellation plan that offers up to $10,000 of non-refundable insured Trip Cost
  • Pre-existing medical condition waiver available
  • Rental car coverage 
  • And so much more!

How much does travel insurance cost? 

Travel insurance typically costs a small percentage of your trip cost, and many factors, including the age of travelers, trip cost, and length of trip, contribute to the cost of travel insurance. So the price of a travel insurance plan will differ for each trip and traveler. Travel insurance provides enhanced protection against unforeseen events for a fraction of your trip cost. 

When should you buy travel insurance? 

For maximum protection, you should buy travel insurance as soon as you book your trip or make your first trip deposit. Travel insurance can protect you against many things depending on the type of plan you purchase.  For example, if your trip was disrupted because of a hurricane and you had trip interruption coverage as part of your trip cancellation plan, you would be eligible to receive reimbursement for that part of your disrupted trip as long as your policy was purchased before the storm was named. 


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