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Heatwave 2023: Is it safe to travel?
Heatwave 2023: Is it safe to travel?

Global temperatures are expected to reach record highs, affecting regions including the United States, Europe, North Africa, China, and Japan.

Southern Europe, including Italy, Spain, and Greece, has already been impacted, leading to evacuations due to wildfires.

In the United States, a "dangerous" heat wave is intensifying, prompting heat warnings for about 113 million people. These extreme conditions are causing some US travelers to reconsider their summer vacation plans, while European flights and hotels continue to operate normally. The UK Foreign Office has issued an alert to its citizens about the extreme temperatures in Greece and Spain and the ongoing risk of wildfires. Although the duration of the heat wave remains uncertain, forecasts suggest it may persist until August.

Travelers are advised to take precautions such as avoiding direct sunlight during the hottest hours, staying hydrated, using sunscreen, and securing travel insurance to be prepared for any medical emergencies. For more information on how to prepare for the heatwave, visit the CDC website.

As always, if you are worried something will possibly interrupt or cancel your travel plans, travel insurance can help! Our Cancel for Any Reason insurance is the safest option we offer.

Congress Considers New Bill for Travelers
Congress Considers New Bill for Travelers

As travel rates steadily return to pre-pandemic levels, airlines have been looking ways to pick up lost profit and fit more people onto planes.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, in 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration asked people for their opinion on whether or not seat size on airplanes created safety issues, and for more than 26,000 public commenters, they do.

For that reason, Congress will consider the Emergency Vacating of Aircraft Cabin, or EVAC Act, which aims to address airplane safety for people with disabilities or other restrictions that might make evacuating difficult.

According to Travel Pulse, the bill is sponsored by U.S. Senators Tammy Baldwin and Tammy Duckworth, who wrote to the FAA and asked the agency to "do a better job of taking real-life conditions into account to ensure all types of passengers can safely evacuate in an emergency." They also asked the FAA to consider the height and weight of passengers and seating configuration.

We will continue to update on this as more news comes from the proposed Act.

Adventure Travel
Adventure Travel

Online Travel Agent Opodo released its latest poll in which 10,000 respondents across international markets revealed their motivation for getting out of their comfort zones, what that means when it comes to holidays, and how the benefits are felt.

According to Breaking Travel News, the majority of respondents associate a trip outside of comfort zone with a holiday where they need to learn survival techniques (21%) followed by 20% who see it instead as an improvised trip - without prior organization. 16% of respondents perceive solo traveling to be an ‘out of comfort zone activity’.

30% of the respondents expressed that this form of travel offers significant advantages, viewing it as an opportunity for positive challenges. Meanwhile, 14% of the participants believe such travel experiences will enable them to understand and embrace another or different way of life, and an additional 14% anticipate personal growth and self-discovery during their journeys.

Globally, Spanish respondents are most keen to explore an out of comfort zone travel (37%) followed by 36% of Portuguese compared to just 29% Americans.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and take a challenge, we recommend to check our Safe Treker plan, which includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, and coverage for 450+ sports and activities. Click here to learn more!

A Summer of Flight Disruptions
A Summer of Flight Disruptions

Summer airline travel has been fraught with delays and disruptions due to a surge in travelers and other factors. While flight cancellations have decreased by 14% compared to last year, delays and passenger frustrations are on the rise.

In response to growing issues in the industry, the House passed a bipartisan bill aiming to address airlines' obligations to customers. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is pursuing new rules to hold airlines accountable for compensating passengers for delays or cancellations caused by the airline's fault. However, airlines argue that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is also to blame, citing a shortage of staff and air traffic controllers. The FAA contends that severe weather and flight volume are major drivers of delays and is taking steps to hire more air traffic controllers and provide real-time updates to passengers.

In addition to flight disruptions, there's a significant backlog of passport applications, leading to delays of up to 13 weeks for international travelers, causing missed trips and nonrefundable charges.

Before embarking on your next adventure, make sure to safeguard your trip and peace of mind by getting comprehensive travel insurance – a wise decision that can protect you from unexpected disruptions and provide reassurance throughout your journey. Take a look at our different plans and get a quote with us today!

Trawick LATAM Launches Innovative IPMI Plan with Focus on Good Health
Trawick LATAM Launches Innovative IPMI Plan with Focus on Good Health

Trawick International announced the launch of Plan VIVA, an innovative International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) plan for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Plan VIVA is the first international health insurance plan that rewards its members for good health. Qualifying clients are offered a premium discount when purchasing the plan, which can be maintained on annual renewals by meeting program requirements. Preventive screenings and health check-ups are available, and members are encouraged to take advantage of them to support optimal heath and detect issues early.

Additionally, Plan VIVA offers customizable coverage with four levels, accommodating all budgets and needs. A user-friendly quoting platform allows agents to quickly and easily choose the policy’s maximum coverage, USA network (if any), and deductible combinations that make the most sense for their clients.

Read more about what our leadership team has to say about Plan VIVA here, and learn more about the plan by visiting our new website at!

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