Can you get travel insurance for road trips?
Yes! A road trip can be insured with travel insurance, just like any other trip you take.

What is Road Trip Insurance?
Road trip insurance is simply trip cancellation insurance, but for your road trip-based vacation rather than a vacation you take via airplane or cruise.

I already have auto insurance – why do I need road trip travel insurance?
Auto insurance covers your vehicle if you are in a car accident, your car is stolen or damaged, etc. Road trip insurance protects you and the investment made into your road trip. It could reimburse you if, for example, a car accident causes you to have to cut your trip short and cancel prepaid, non-refundable event tickets, hotel stays, vacation rentals, or anything else associated with your trip.

Are there requirements to insure a road trip?
The only requirement is taking a trip away from your home! With trip cancellation insurance, you are covered from the moment you leave your house to the moment you return.

What does road trip travel insurance cover?
Road trip insurance covers all your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs if your trip is canceled or interrupted for a covered reason. Additionally, trip cancellation plans include emergency medical benefits and even rental car damage. Below are a few highlights of having a comprehensive trip cancellation plan for your road trip:

  • Trip Cancellation - Your road trip route is set. You have a few stops planned, hotels booked, road trip playlists queued up, and you are ready to hit the open road. Then, your road trip companion becomes ill, and your plans are thwarted. Road trip: canceled. Now what? The playlist will have to wait, but if you have trip cancellation insurance, you could get reimbursed for all the prepaid, non-refundable fees that you paid (and insured) as part of your road trip.
  • Travel Delay and Trip Interruption - You are driving along, admiring the scenery, excited for the concert that awaits you at the end of the day’s drive, and sudden flash flooding makes it impossible for you to continue your drive. You pull over to try to wait it out, but soon determine the only thing to do is get a hotel room for the night. This adds extra expenses you weren’t counting on and causes you to miss the concert. Our Safe Travels Journey and Safe Travels Voyager plans provide travel delay and trip interruption coverage that could reimburse you for that unexpected hotel stay, meals, and those unused concert tickets due to the road closure.
  • Emergency Medical - While taking a brief pit stop along the way, you fall and get injured badly enough that you need to see a doctor. Even if you have a primary health insurance plan that will cover some of your medical expenses from this injury, the emergency medical benefit on your trip cancellation plan can still help. If your travel insurance plan has primary medical coverage, it will be the first payor or reimbursor of emergency medical benefits; if it has secondary or excess medical coverage, it will pay what your primary health insurer didn’t pay – including deductibles – up to the maximum benefit listed on your plan.
  • Rental Car Damage - Instead of putting the miles on your own vehicle, you decide to rent a car for the road trip. Along the way, while leaf peeping, you get into a minor fender bender, and the rental car gets damaged and needs repairs. Luckily, Rental Car Damage coverage is built into some of our plans and is an available option on other plans. It can reimburse you for the cost of repairs and any rental charges imposed by the rental company while the car is being repaired, up to the maximum stated on the plan.

When do I need to buy road trip insurance?
As with any trip you have planned, the best time to buy travel insurance for your road trip is as soon as you make your first trip deposit or book your first non-refundable piece of the trip. This allows you to maximize the amount of time you are covered, should something unforeseeable happen that forces you to cancel your trip. You can buy travel insurance up until the day before you leave, though, and still be able to take advantage of benefits during your trip, such as travel delay, trip interruption, and emergency medical.

What do I do if I have to cancel my trip or make a claim?
If the trip gets canceled for a covered reason – for example, an illness or death in your family or your travel companion’s family, natural disaster, or car accident – trip cancellation can reimburse you up to 100% of your prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses. Be sure to save all your receipts as you will have to provide them when filing a claim. See our Claim Forms page for information on filing a claim based on the plan you purchased.

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