We are entering peak hurricane season

Over the past week, we have seen Tropical Storm Mindy and Tropical Storm Nicholas batter the Florida panhandle and Texas coast. A few weeks ago, we saw Hurricane Ida cause immense damage to Louisiana. What is going on? To be honest, we are right in the middle of the Atlantic Hurricane season. Unfortunately, this season is shaping up to be one of the worst on record. Weather.com explains that September 10th marks the statistical peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. It's when the Atlantic Basin has had the most hurricanes and named storms over the course of history. This seasonal peak is also when conditions are most optimal for the development of tropical storms and hurricanes. There's an overlap of favorable factors in early-mid September, including ocean water reaching its highest temperature, the atmosphere's ability to generate thunderstorms hitting its peak, and hostile shearing winds declining to a minimum.

What this means for travelers

Hurricane season coincides with a popular time for travel in the Atlantic region. There are many factors why traveling this time of the year is a popular choice. A recent article from TravelSavvy stated hotels throughout the area often offer attractive deals to entice would-be travelers during this unpredictable season. Travelers have to be prepared to face consequences that can quickly become a nightmare if they are not ready to travel during hurricane season. Potential travelers must inform themselves about hurricane season before booking that too-good-to-be-true deal.

How to protect your investment in your trip?

We get it. The last 19 months have been tough on everyone, and the COVID-19 pandemic has distributed just about everyone's lives. People need a break. So why not take a trip to a Caribbean island and stick your toes into sand have that amazing island drink. To enjoy that much-needed gateway, travelers have to take precautions to protect their investment in their trip by purchasing a trip cancellation insurance plan that provides travel delay and trip interruption benefits.

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Work with the best

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