Spring Break 2023

2023 Spring Break Travel Tips

It’s officially Spring Break season – are you planning a getaway? According to the Travel Market Report, approximately 1.5 million students participate in Spring Break travels. This number doesn’t even include families or those who are outside of school — with those added, the total number of travelers would easily hit 2 million. With this many people traveling during the same few weeks, what are the best tips and tricks for planning your trip?

      1. Book a Reliable Hotel, EARLY
        The best thing you can do, accommodation-wise, is to book early and do your research about where you will be staying. First, consider where the hotel or vacation rental is located – is it in an area considered safe for visitors? This is especially important if you plan to travel outside of your home country. Is it central enough for easy transportation? If not, you may end up spending a significant amount of money on ride-shares or taxi fees. Next, read reviews of the hotel/rental on several different sources to get a well-rounded view of where you are staying so you have an idea of what to expect. Lastly, book early! 2023 Spring Break is shaping up to be one of the costliest times to travel, and booking early will help you get the best room deal. If you try to book during the middle of a travel surge, you are sure to pay a premium price due to the high demand for rooms.

      2. Keep an Eye on the Local Weather
        Spring is a very temperamental time of year as far as weather goes. There is nothing worse than planning a sun-filled vacation only for it to rain during the time you are there. Pack an outfit or two for cooler or wet weather and have a backup plan for days when the weather is less-than-ideal, so you aren’t stuck wasting time trying to scramble at the last minute. AccuWeather is a great resource for helping to monitor the weather the month or so before your trip. A few things you can always do if it’s raining are shopping at local malls/stores that you may not have access to at home, checking out local museums or aquariums, and if you’re of legal age, hanging at the local bar (responsibly) with your friends is sure to pass the time. The best thing to keep in mind with the weather is that you can’t control it, you can only control how you react to it. A rainy day on vacation is still better than whatever else you would be doing at home or school!

      3. Keep Your Belongings Safe
        If you are taking a cruise or will be somewhere where you have access to a private safe for your belongings, utilize it! The best things to keep in the safe are important documents such as your passport and other forms of identification as well as any credit cards and devices you don’t want to keep with you all day. As long as you have the identification needed to get home and a credit card in case of emergencies, anything else can be handled as it arises. Additionally, invest in a waterproof phone case and/or wallet to hold your money and identification while you are enjoying your spring break adventures, so you don’t have to worry about ruining anything if it gets dunked in the water or you forget to take it off before you do.

      4. Insure your trip
        Travel insurance can help in cases where unforeseen events force you to cancel your trip before you leave, interrupt your trip after you depart, or even just delay your spring break adventure. Additionally, it can provide emergency medical coverage if you get sick or injured while traveling. Trawick International travel insurance plans cover nonrefundable payments such as vacation rentals, hotels, airfare, and additional pre-paid non-refundable costs for your trip. They can reimburse expenses such as accommodations when travel is delayed or interrupted, cover medical expenses, and more.
        Pro tip: save your receipts! If you need to make a claim, you will need to provide proof.

        Different types of trips require different types of insurance. Learn more about Spring Break Travel Insurance

If you’re currently planning your 2023 spring break trip and need help deciding what travel insurance plan is best for you, our 24/7 customer service team will be happy to walk you through the buying process and discuss your specific insurance needs.

We hope you all have a safe and relaxing spring break this year and would love to see your travels! If you’re on social media, use the hashtag #TravelsWithTrawick and you could be featured in our next social post!

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