We're switching from talking about holiday travel to focus on the island nation of Cuba. There is a certain allure that comes with traveling to a place that’s been shrouded in mystery for decades because of its travel restrictions, and it’s probably a reason why interest in traveling to Cuba has grown significantly.

Though traveling to Cuba has become easier, there is a risk that the new president-elect and his administration may undo Obama’s lifting of the embargo, so you may want to plan your trip before it’s too late. Keep in mind, however, that there are still requirements attached, which we’ll detail below.

Travel to Cuba is easier, but there are still restrictions. You cannot travel to Cuba solely for leisure. Your trip must involve one of the twelve approved categories which include visiting relatives or for educational/religious purposes. You’ll need to have a full itinerary prepared and you’ll also be expected to maintain receipts for up to five years to ensure that you did, in fact, adhere to the rules while in Cuba.

You may have trouble with lodging. You won’t find hotels in Cuba listed on major websites like Expedia, which means you’ll need to seek a company that specializes in travel to the island. Because of the surge in interest, it may be harder to find a room due to the relatively limited number of rooms.

Strongly consider cash. Cuba doesn’t yet have a very robust ATM network, and there are still a number of merchants that will not accept credit cards. Bring along more cash than you think you’ll need in case of unforeseen emergencies.

Make sure you have insurance. Cuba’s government requires all American travelers to have an insurance policy during their trip, plus a separate health insurance plan.

Get ready to disconnect. Cuba does have Internet access, but it’s not as widespread or strong as what you’re accustomed to. Public Wi-Fi will likely cost you and you’ll need what’s called an Internet card to use it which can take time to purchase because of long lines. Be aware that there may be several moments where you’ll need to go without it for a while.

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