Collegiate Care Exclusive

Trawick International’s Collegiate Care Exclusive plan provides coverage to students and scholars who are visiting the USA.  These travelers must be actively engaged in educational or research activities.


  • You, your spouse, and your dependent children are eligible for this coverage if you have a current passport or visa and are temporarily residing outside your home country/country of permanent residence while actively engaged in education or research activities.

  • You are “actively engaged“ in education, teaching, or research activities if you are one of the following: Undergraduate - registered for and attending classes on a full-time basis; Graduate Student; Scholar or researcher who is invited by an educational organization; Students involved in education, educational activities or research-related activities.

  • Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 calendar days after the effective date.  Your spouse and dependent children are also eligible for coverage if accompanying you and enrolled on your policy.  If an International full-time student who would otherwise be actively attending class is enrolled in classes online or through a hybrid program (part on-line with limited face-to-face class time) solely because his college or secondary institution determined that because of COVID-19 it would only conduct classes in this manner, he or she will be considered to be actively attending classes for Fall 2022.  Please contact the company for Spring 2023 online class eligibility at 888-301-9289.

Rates & Eligibility

Rates are Monthly or Annually, based on age and available up to age 40.. US Permanent Residents (green card holders), and US Citizens are not eligible for this Plan.  J2 are only eligible when the J1 is insured on the coverage with them. This plan is only available for internationals while in the USA.

Please be sure to check the benefits and policy exclusions.  Upon effective date - this plan is fully earned and non-refundable.  There are no partial refunds.


COVID-19 Medical expenses are covered and treated the same as any other sickness.



Collegiate Care Exclusive Highlights

  • United Healthcare PPO Network
  • Sports Activities Coverage
  • Motor Vehicle Accident coverage
  • Unlimited medical maximum
  • Maternity coverage
  • COVID-19 EXPENSES are covered and treated as any other sickness 

Benefits of Coverage

Deductible Your choice of $100, $500, or $1,500 Per Plan Participant Per Policy Term
Medical Maximum Unlimited
Maximum Length of Coverage Up to 364 days
Maternity and Pre-Natal Care Expense 80% of the Preferred Allowance-Conception must occur while covered under the Policy
Pre-Existing Conditions Covered after 6 months of continuous coverage
Sports Activities 80% of the Preferred Allowance- For injuries arising from intramural, interscholastic, intercollegiate and club sports
Motor Vehicle Accident 80% of the Preferred Allowance
Emergency Medical Evacuation Expense 100% of Actual Expense
Emergency Medical Repatriation Expense 100% of Actual Expense
Accidental Death and Dismemberment $15,000 (Other than Air Flight)

  1. You consent to the use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information, including sensitive health information, and other information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to the disclosure of your personal information, we will not be able to evaluate your request and will not be able to provide you with the medical program, including the insurance product offered by Crum & Forster, SPC. For information regarding the use and disclosure of your personal information, please visit our privacy policy page.
  2. By purchasing this coverage, you agree to subscribe and become a participant in the Fairmont Specialty Trust and understand that participation in the Trust is a prerequisite to procuring the insurance coverage. Click here for a copy of the subscription agreement.
  3. This insurance coverage is not subject to and does not provide certain insurance benefits required by the United States’ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”). PPACA requires certain US citizens or US residents to obtain PPACA compliant health insurance, or “minimum essential coverage.” In some cases, certain individuals may be deemed to have minimum essential coverage under PPACA even if their insurance coverage does not provide all of the benefits required by PPACA. Please consult an attorney or tax professional to determine whether this insurance coverage meets any obligations you may have under PPACA.
  4. This plan contains both insurance and non-insurance benefits. Insurance benefits are provided by Crum & Forster SPC through ITI SP pursuant to a policy issued to the Fairmont Specialty Trust.