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Total Solar Eclipse: The biggest travel event of the year
Total Solar Eclipse: The biggest travel event of the year

On April 8, 2024, a Total Solar Eclipse will cast a shadow across North America, passing through Mexico, the United States, and Canada and covering millions in darkness. This historic event will be the last of its kind visible in the contiguous United States until 2044.

With millions of people expected to travel for the eclipse, Great American Eclipse has developed a geographic model to estimate eclipse tourism, predicting that between 1 and 4 million individuals will journey to witness this extraordinary phenomenon.

Texas is expected to be the primary destination for eclipse enthusiasts, followed by Indiana, Ohio, New York, Arkansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Oklahoma, Maine, and New Hampshire. If you're curious about where the best spots might be to catch this celestial show, you can check out the detailed maps on the Great American eclipse website.

Michael Zeiler, an expert eclipse cartographer and co-founder of Great American Eclipse, emphasizes the magnitude of this event, suggesting that it could become the most-viewed astronomical occurrence in American history, potentially reaching a staggering 50 million North Americans experiencing the eclipse. To give you an idea of how big a deal this is, it's like having 50 Super Bowls happening all at once across the country. And this doesn't even include people from Mexico or Canada.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous and want to see the eclipse from a little higher up, say 30,000 feet, Delta and Southwest Airlines have you covered! Both airlines have two flights specifically for viewing the eclipse, along with other flights that have “prime eclipse-viewing opportunities.” If you are feeling lucky, enter to win a “Solarbration” flight and hotel package from Southwest Airlines and Omni Hotels & Resorts.

If you are planning to travel for the eclipse, consider adding an extra layer of preparedness with travel insurance. With millions of people expected to gather, having that safety net can make your eclipse-viewing experience doesn't get eclipsed by any travel-related surprises. Visit our website, discover our plans, and get a quote today.

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Top Destinations and Trends for Your Ultimate Spring Break Getaway
Top Trends for Your Ultimate Spring Break Getaway

Winter's saying its goodbyes, and here comes spring, bringing not just warmer vibes but also that long-awaited spring break excitement, calling on travel lovers to dive into adventures and explore lively destinations.

According to recent data from AAA Travel, Spring Break trends for 2024 reveal a surge in cruise ship popularity, especially in Florida. Florida remains the ultimate Spring Break destination, attracting tourists with its Atlantic and Gulf Coast beaches, family-friendly attractions, and bustling cruise ports. Notably, the cruise industry is experiencing significant growth this Spring Break season, with a remarkable 28 percent increase in cruise bookings for March and April compared to the previous year. Departures from South Florida have seen an even more impressive surge, boasting a 60 percent increase.

Orlando tops the list as the preferred Spring Break destination, while Fort Lauderdale and Miami emerge as the two most sought-after domestic cruise ports, offering warm weather, pools, beaches, and outdoor adventures that align with travelers' preferences during this time of the year.

Cruise lines report sold-out Spring Break voyages, encouraging potential travelers to consider early bookings to secure their spots and preferred cabins. For those missing out on Spring Break cruises, AAA Travel recommends planning ahead for summer cruises, particularly to popular destinations like Alaska and the Caribbean, as they are likely to sell out.

In addition to the cruise trend, internationalSpring Break trips are gaining momentum, with a 20 percent increase in international flight bookings and a 37 percent rise in hotel bookings for March and April. Top European cities such as London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, and Amsterdam are leading the way, and many travelers are increasingly opting for guided tours, appreciating the convenience, expertise, and peace of mind they provide for international travel.

Looking for additional Spring Break Destination Inspiration? Read our latest blog.

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FAA invests in Next-Level Airport Experiences
FAA invests in Next-Level Airport Experiences

In a significant development for the aviation sector, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has allocated an impressive $970 million to enhance 114 airports spanning 44 states and three territories. This substantial investment is a key component of President Biden's broader initiative to revitalize America's infrastructure. The allocated funds will contribute to various improvements, including state-of-the-art baggage systems, expanded security checkpoints, and the modernization of aging airport infrastructure. The comprehensive approach aims not only to elevate the aesthetics of airports but, more importantly, to enhance the overall passenger experience, ensuring smoother, more accessible travel.

Beyond the physical enhancements, the investment is creating numerous well-paying jobs, aligning with the broader goals of President Biden's administration. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg underscores the commitment to making significant strides in improving the efficiency, accessibility, and safety of air travel. This injection of funds comes at a crucial time, signaling a collective effort to reinforce airport infrastructure, foster job creation, and elevate the standards of air travel for both domestic and international passengers. It represents a strategic move towards a more sustainable and efficient aviation landscape.

For more updates about this project, please visit the FAA website!

Israel Witnesses Unexpected Boost in North American Visitors
Israel Witnesses Unexpected Boost in North American Visitors

Despite the ongoing conflict with Hamas, Israel's Ministry of Tourism reports an unexpected surge in North American tourist numbers in January, reaching 34% of the figures from the same period in 2023. Chad Martin from the Israel Ministry of Tourism notes the "astounding" and "inspiring" commitment of more than one in three North American tourists, with many visitors choosing to travel to Israel during this tumultuous time.

While the war has generated global debate and protests, some individuals are expressing their curiosity or interest in the region, resulting in what is termed "curiosity travel."

The identity of these visitors remains somewhat mysterious even to the ministry, described as grassroots movements that have spontaneously emerged. These travelers are not just making symbolic visits; they are actively seeking to explore the situation on the ground.

Despite challenges posed by the conflict, some tour groups are planning to resume visits to Israel this spring. However, major tour operators like Tauck, Collette, Intrepid, and G Adventures have canceled or postponed Israel tours for a significant part of 2024. The lack of airlift from the U.S. poses a hurdle to restarting travel, with European airlines resuming services while U.S. carriers, including United, plan a return in April. Despite the complexities, there's a noted interest in nonstop flights, indicating potential resilience in travel demand to Israel.

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