Six Tips for Staying in a Rental Property While Traveling

Six Tips for Staying in a Rental Property While Traveling

Since the Covid-19 low on April 6, 2020, the United States has seen a 322% increase in domestic travel, as reported by an AirDNA industry travel survey.  The survey also indicated that vacation rental occupancy had increased by 60%.  Travelers are seeking an experience that mimics the feel of being a local, or they feel safer staying in someone’s home rather than a hotel. 

While staying in a rental property can make for a unique experience, there are personal safety issues to keep in mind while renting a home.  Below are some critical tips to consider before renting a property for your vacation:

#1 - Location, Location, Location

For starters, make sure you research the location of the vacation rental.  There are plenty of stories of people renting a vacation home and they are dissatisfied with the area of the house.  Make sure to read rental reviews and identify travel amenities and experiences you and your family would like to experience.  If you’re still unsure how to proceed afterward, consider the help of a travel agent. He or she might refer you to a managed property, such as a residential complex, where someone will be onsite to assist your family should something go wrong.

#2 - Read the Fine Print

Thoroughly read the contract so that you know precisely what is included and excluded. For example, the contract may stipulate that you will lose any deposit you’ve put down if you don’t clean up after yourself.  Before signing anything, make sure that the host is legally able to rent out the home.  Ask for documentation; if the person is reputable, they will have nothing to hide and be glad to prove.

#3 - Pay Online

Payments and communications should be done via the rental company website instead of directly with the property owner. This will ensure security and significantly reduce the odds of fraud or your identity and credit card information being stolen.

#4 - Volume Speaks Words

Look at is the number of ratings a host has, as well as how high the host’s rating is. Many hosts come and go very fast, just trying to make a quick buck, so make sure you stay with a reputable host who other people have trusted and left reviews on.

#5 - Only Bring What You Need 

The home you’ll be renting will likely have security measures in place like an alarm and the standard door locks.  Use common sense and proper judgment.  Keep your valuables at home and be aware of your surroundings. 

#6 - Prepare for the Unexpected

For an extra layer of protection, make sure to purchase a travel insurance policy to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances while staying at your vacation rental.  Please note, not every travel insurance provider allows you to insure the rental property - so before purchasing a travel insurance policy, please be sure to confirm your non-refundable travel expenses will be covered. To insure your next vacation rental, visit Trawick International for your free travel insurance quote.

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