Are you planning on doing any end of the year traveling? If so, one thing you may need to consider is what to do about your pet should you have plans of bringing him/her along. Thankfully, flying with your four-legged friend is easier than ever as the majority of airlines are quite animal friendly. However, each airline has regulations regarding pet rules so make sure you thoroughly research them prior to booking your trip.

Most airlines will allow you to bring along your pet as either checked or carry-on luggage. You may already have a pet carrier that you prefer to keep your fur baby in, but make sure that it is okay to use and that it meets the specific regulations, so you don’t run into any surprises when you show up at the airport. Guidelines will vary but, in most cases, pets traveling as carry-on luggage will be required to go underneath the seat for the duration of the flight in a soft carrier. Larger pets traveling as cargo will be required to fly in a non-collapsible carrier and they must have plenty of water available.

With the increase of travelers bringing along their pets, hotels are increasingly providing pet friendly options as well. Major chains like the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons will roll out the red carpet for your four-legged friend but again, make sure to read policies before booking your stay. You will also be required to pay an additional fee for your pet to stay with you.

Before you and your pet leave for your trip, take the time to prepare for unforeseen medical emergencies. Research any emergency vet clinics in or near your destination in case you find yourself having to take your pet to an animal doctor. Also, look into getting travel insurance for your pet! We can cover you AND your pet with our Safe Travels First Class policy. 

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